Hello everyone! We are two sisters, Megha and Nidhi, the editors and creators of MySketchGallery.com. We love everything about arts and crafts. With this website, we hope to help others struggling with how to sketch and what to do with their sketchbooks.

Hi! I’m Megha, the elder sister. As a child, I wasn’t much into drawing and  am in no way an artist. However, I’ve discovered my love for calligraphy and bullet journaling a few years ago. And since then, I’ve been practicing and focusing on calligraphy.

Hi I'm Nidhi,  the younger sister. Drawing and painting is my forte. I discovered my love for art when I was a child and have since expanded into sketching, drawing, and painting ever since.

Both of us have struggled in knowing what to draw in our sketchbooks and what specific materials to use. Since both of us have different interests when it comes to sketchbooks, we could never find our information in the same place. We would have to visit multiple websites in order to find the information important to both our interests. And so, we wanted to create a website to help others who are also struggling with the same problems we had. We wanted to create a one-stop website that has all information important for sketchbooking.

Our aim is to serve the artistic community who is struggling with knowing what to do with their sketchbooks, whether it’s with drawing and painting, or calligraphy and bullet journaling. Since we had multiple questions about our sketchbooks, we knew there are others out there who also struggle with the same issues we’ve had.

On this website we offer tips, tricks, and reviews to make sketchbooking easier for you. We’re offering information that we have gathered and learned over the years. We also want to show you the mistakes we’ve made over the years in hopes that you can learn from them.

We’re here to have fun, learn and make mistakes together, and teach others our tricks.

We’re excited for you to join us on this journey of sketchbooking.