Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook Review

Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook Review
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Finding a great sketchbook can be one of the most overwhelming parts of art shopping. While there are many different options for sizing, paper type, journal brand, and more, it can be frustrating to choose which one (or three) you want to take home with you.

Ultimately, you’ll have to choose something, so why not get something that you know is going to last you for a long time? You want to have enough time to practice, practice, practice, and that means you’re going to need a big sketchbook!

Art is more about practice than anything else, so purchase a notebook that will allow you to do just that. Selecting that notebook is still hard, though, so reviews like the one we are sharing today can help make it a bit easier.

Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook

Today, we’ll be reviewing one of our favorite media art sketchbooks: the Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook! As the name implies, this is a very big sketchbook in terms of both size and the number of sheets.

Who Is This Product For?

The Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook is great for those who want to be able to practice many different techniques and styles for a long time without needing to buy another notebook. It’s also a great choice for those who love the novelty of having a single huge sketchbook for a year or more rather than splitting up their practice into other notebooks.

Ideally, this notebook would be used by someone who does most of their art in one place. If you like to take your sketchbook with you or regularly carry it back and forth, you will find that this notebook is much too heavy to do that.

It’s also not an excellent choice for those who have a particular media type that they like to work with. The paper is a great mixed-media paper choice, but you would be better off choosing a specific paper type if you only ever use one media type.

What’s Included?

The Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook comes with nothing but the notebook itself, but remember that it has 300 sheets of paper!

Overview of Features

The Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook is made to impress with its vast number of pages! With 300 pages that can be used front and back, you actually have 600 sheets that you can work with, and that is a lot of space!

The paper in this notebook is 75lb (110 gsm) acid-free bright white. It has a smooth-leaning texture that is best for drawing, but it can be used with other media types as well. The pages are 12.5 inches by 10.75 inches, so you have a lot of space to sketch in whether you prefer to go big or go small.

One great way to use the Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook is to keep it on your coffee table and encourage friends who come over to sketch it in! Whether you have artistic friends or not, it can be enjoyable to keep it there as a sort of memory holder.

Another thing that can be done with the Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook is to use it as a way to track your progress as an artist. As you use the notebook over time, you will be able to see the progress that you make by simply flipping through the journal and admiring the different styles and phases that you went through. For that reason, it’s a great gift to give to aspiring artists and students!

This book is best for dry type applications, but keep in mind that some markers may soak through because the pages are relatively lightweight. If you want to use other media or even acrylic paints in this notebook, try adding a thin layer of gesso before you paint in it to help make the process easier.

How to Use This Sketchbook

The main reason to use a sketchbook regularly is to get better at your art and to learn your style! By simply using it again and again, you’ll see regular improvements in your art. The hard part, though, is to keep to a schedule of regularly practicing when you’re first beginning to use a sketchbook like the Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook.

If you’re having trouble keeping a schedule, try setting up some type of challenge for yourself so that you can have a reason and some motivation to keep drawing as much as possible. Some people choose to do daily challenges, while others set up a weekly theme to sketch so that they keep feeling motivated.

The key is simply to keep using the Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook. You can try any media type in your notebook. Experiment with pencils, colored pencils, inks, markers, paints, collages, and more! In time, you’ll learn your style and get more experienced.


If you want to get a notebook that can be used for watercolors, you might want to try the ARTEZA Watercolor Pad Set. While these are only 30-sheet notebooks, they can be affordably bought in a pack of three so that you have 90 sheets total to work with anytime.

If you want to try a different huge notebook than the Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook or something a little bit lighter, the ARTEZA Hardbound Sketchbook is a good option. This notebook comes in 100-sheet bindings, so it’s not quite as large as the Art Alternatives book, but it can still be used for a long time.


Overall, the Art Alternatives Giant Sketchbook is a great product to purchase if you want to practice for a very long time. If you want to collaborate with visitors, friends, relatives, or other artists, or if you want to see your progression as you practice, this very large sketchbook will be the perfect fit!

Remember, though, that it is best for mixed media types and isn’t going to favor any one type of media over others. Thus, if you have a preferred type of media, you may want to choose a specific notebook for that media type instead.

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