Best Sketchbook for Copic Markers – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Using a form of art is one of the best ways to manifest your thoughts and emotions. Whether it is music, sculpturing, painting, or drawing, creating art can allow you to relax and feel the unique freedom of expressing yourself. 

The best thing about it? In most of the cases, you don’t need much apart from time and basic equipment to do it. When it comes to sketching, for example, it all comes down to having the right set of markers and a good sketchbook to do and present your work in. 

Investing in an adequate set of markers depends on what kind of sketching work you are into – nowadays, Copic markers stand as the best choice for both professional artists and other enthusiasts that enjoy sketching. 

If you have already decided to invest in such a set of quality equipment, a good sketchbook is a must unless you want the paper to bleed and thus put your time and energy to waste. Hence, we came up with a list of the best sketchbooks for Copic markers in order to help you make the perfect decision. 

Comparison Chart

Copic Markers SKBK9X12 Sketch Book

Copic Marker XPBC 8-1/2-Inch

Bee Paper Company 926T30-8511 Bleedproof Marker Pad

Best Sketchbook for Copic Markers Reviews

1. Copic Markers SKBK9X12 Sketchbook

If you are looking to get adequate sketching equipment and you want your money invested in the right place, buying a sketchbook from the same brand seems like a great idea. As a trusted company situated in Japan, Copic Markers ensure the best quality with this model. Smooth and heavy papers in a simple and elegant sketchbook are all that you need to have loads of fun.


This sketchbook is one of the best models out there, taking into consideration both the price and the quality of the sheets in it. As mentioned above, this product is manufactured by the same company that comes up with exquisite markers which are a good guarantee that it is worth your money. 

While this particular model comes in three sizes, the most popular one seems to be 9x12 inches as the ideal sketchbook for anyone who enjoys drawing in their free time. As for the design, it is quite simple and elegant – with the black/gray cover at the front and the back of it. Unlike some of its competitors, it has a spiral-bound spine that will allow you to tear out a particular sheet without ruining the whole sketchbook. 

On the other hand, if you want to keep all your work together, rest assured that this one will allow you to do so as it is sturdy and made to last. The most important thing with any product of this kind is the paper in it. It comes with 50 sheets which is plenty of workspace – additionally, the papers that you will be sketching on are 70 lb strength which are proven to be smooth and resistant.

The best thing about it? Copic markers blend perfectly. While we have to say that the paper does seem to bleed a bit if you put too much pressure on it, this sketchbook is still of great quality for the given price.


  • check
  • Sturdy, spiral bound
  • 70 lb paper
  • 50 sheets


  • Pricey for some
  • Bleeds under pressure

2. Copic Marker XPBC Express Blending Card

If you are tired of regular sketchbooks and you are looking for a change, this Copic Marker Blending Card may allow you to do just that. Classic and made out of great material, the included sheets are adequate for work with almost any kind of markers, including Copic ones. Eager to try out new things? Invest in the Copic Marker XPBC Express Blending Card!


There are a number of points that we think make this product a great choice. First and foremost, the design itself is not of a classic sketchbook which makes it even better if you enjoy presenting your work to friends and family members. 

While simple, any sketching work will look great in this blending card, especially taking into consideration that the cardstock is white and designed for Copic marker use. One of the most important things is how well the markers blend and we can tell you that with this blending express card, it is just ideal. This is mostly due to the silky smooth surface of the paper.

As for the working area that you are getting, there are 125 sheets that measure 8.5 x 11 inches that will be more than enough to have fun with your sketching work. On top of all that, it is both laser and inkjet compatible in case you were thinking to spice things up a bit. 

Not to forget, it contains no acid so the work will remain brand new, even after years have passed. Yes, the price is a bit higher, but for what you are getting, it is absolutely justified!


  • check
    Perfect for blending
  • Acid-free, archival
  • Smooth


  • Pricey

3. Bee Paper Company 926T30-8511 Bleedproof Marker Pad

Last but not least on our list of the best sketchbooks for Copic markers is this pad manufactured by the trusted Bee Paper Company. Whether you are a professional artist or you are just starting out with your sketching work, this pad will allow you plenty of working and storage space for your art!


As one of the best Copic marker pads on the market, this model is an affordable and sturdy choice that any true enthusiast would appreciate. First of all, while not in a form of regular sketchbook, this pad comes with 30 natural white sheets that are adequate for archives due to the fact that they are completely acid-free. Apart from being compatible with Copic markers, you will get to use a number of other drawing mediums, including permanent, inkjet, and crow quill pens.

While the paper is 110 lbs, it still remains smooth and thus allows good blending when it comes to Copic markers. Still, we have to say that it is not bleed proof when it comes to darker colors. Other than that, it is a product absolutely worth your attention!


  • check
    Smooth for blending
  • Archival, acid-free
  • Sturdy


  • Not for dark colors


A proper sketchbook is something any artist should invest in to stay worry-free and truly be able to come up with the best sketches out there. Our personal favorite is the Copic Marker Express Blend Card due to the amount and quality of sheets included – still, this doesn’t mean that the other two are of any less value.

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