Castle Art Supplies Artists Sketch Books Review

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A sketchbook can be a great place to collect all your doodles. It is portable enough to bring with you to keep you busy during downtime or can be used at home as a means of winding down.

All artists, whether aspiring or professional, need a great sketchbook which offers durable, solid construction and paper that is built to last. Even if you are just a casual sketcher, you want a long-lasting sketchbook, one wherein its pages won’t turn yellow over time, preserving your work for years to come.

Castle Art Supplies Artists Sketch Books

Castle Art Supplies is a USA-based company with the aim to produce quality art supplies. This sketchbook is a package deal, which comes two of the same sketchbooks.

Who Is This Product For?

This sketchbook is for any level artist. It can be used by professional artists and illustrators just as well as it can be by casual doodlers. It can even be used in art school by young students. It can be used by any artists who work with pencils, dry media, or charcoals.

This product is easily transported anywhere. Put it in a backpack or purse and go. If you just like to sketch in your spare time, bring it with you to pass the time in waiting rooms.

What’s Included?

Upon purchase, you will get two separate sketch pads, both of which come with 100 sheets of sketch paper. The books' dimensions are 12.1 x 10.8 x 1.5 inches, but the pages measure 9x12inches. So, the book itself is a bit bigger to accommodate and protect the sheets even after you perforate any page.

You will also get a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer with your purchase, which is one of its biggest advantages.

So, if you aren’t happy for any reason, either have the pads replaced or get a full refund. If you want to have the pads replaced, you even get to keep the original ones you purchased.

Overview of Features

With the two pads you receive with the Castle Art Supplies Artists Sketch Books, you’ll get a full 200 pages on which you can sketch. This is a number of pages when compared with some alternatives. But what else can this product offer?

  • Paper Quality

The paper used is both acid-free and pH neutral, so you don’t have to worry much about your pages yellowing. That means you can keep your doodles for quite a long time. The paper is also perfectly safe to use.

Additionally, the pages allow you to erase cleanly so that you can work toward getting your perfect image by giving it multiple tries. They are supposedly resistant to smudges as well, though some users have had issues with avoiding smudges.

You’ll enjoy just a bit of texture on the pages. They aren’t slick or shiny so you’ll get good traction while drawing. Nonetheless, they aren’t so textured that it will impact your work. It is kind of like the perfect middle ground with these sheets.

Unlike some other sketchpads, you don’t have to worry much about bleeding with this book. In fact, this pad seems to handle even watercolor, which is quite unusual for a sketch pad since many of which only withstand work done with dry materials.

  • Binding

The sketch pads have a ring binding which allows the book to lay flat for drawing. This is both good and bad.

While the pads lay flat, which is critical for good drawing and comfort, the binding is along the side. This means that these books aren’t always ideal for both righties and lefties. The binding on this book, though, is very strong, so you should not have any issues with losing pages.


  • Suitable for dry media and watercolor
  • High-quality, thick, textured paper
  • Risk-free purchase
  • Safe for children to use


  • Side binding can be challenging for lefties
  • Paper is not very heavy
  • Pages can smudge

How to Use

The Castle Art Supplies Artists Sketch Books is very easy to use. Simply open and get sketching. You can use nearly all dry media including regular pencils, colored pencils, and charcoal.

Some users have found that they can even get away with using some watercolor materials. However, it is wise to stay away from markers, as those seem to bleed right through this sketchbook’s paper.


Perhaps the biggest drawback with the Castle Art Supplies Artists Sketch Books is that it is bound along the side. This prevents lefties from comfortably drawing in the way they want.

The solution is often to use a sketchbook that has its binding along the top edge. Such a design allows for quick page turning while also allowing both righties and lefties to use the book the same way.

One alternative to the Castle Art Supplies Artists Sketch Books is the Darice Studio 71 Sketch Pads. It also has two pads included in the purchase and both of which have 100 sheets as well.

The difference is that the Darice books are bound along the top edge instead of along the side. Thus, they can be used just as easily by lefties as by those who draw with their right hand.

Another alternative is the U.S. Art Supply Two-Pack Sketch Pad. These sketch pads are also bound along the top edge so that they can be used the same way by righties and lefties. Each pad also has 100 sheets or 200 pages. Lastly, similar to the others highlighted here, the paper is also acid-free and has a neutral pH.


Sketch pads can be used by artists to capture images they can keep for years to come. If you want to keep your drawings in a safe place, and you want to ensure they won’t yellow over time, you need to find the right sketch pad with the perfect paper.

Overall, our Castle Art Supplies Artists Sketch Books review shows that this book is a great option. The primary drawback, of course, relates to if you are a left-handed artist, in which case we might recommend one of the alternatives we highlighted.

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