How to Decorate a Sketchbook Cover

How to Decorate a Sketchbook Cover
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Whether you are a professional artist, or a beginner learning to draw or illustrate in your free time, then you understand the benefits of having a good sketchbook by your side. Every part of the book is important, from the material of the cover to the density of paper and weight of the sketchbook itself.

And of course, we can in no way forget the design – a fancy sketchbook will allow you to present your art inside without having to remove the sheets.

The whole idea of in-sketchbook drawing is to have loads of fun and express your creative spirit.

So, you went ahead and bought a few high-quality sketchbooks with exactly the type and size of paper you want – yet they all look exactly the same. As you are probably going to do a different type of artwork in each, you need a way to tell the difference.

Believe it or not, there is no better way to do so then by decorating the covers of it. Let your mind roam free and gather up your decorating kit. It is time to have some fun!

Why You Should Decorate a Sketchbook Cover

Why You Should Decorate a Sketchbook Cover

There are a few reasons why you might want to personalize a sketchbook by decorating its cover. As mentioned above, it is a great way to make your identical sketchbooks look different so you can later tell them apart.

Along with that, if you invest time in drawing IN your sketchbook, you may as well start with the cover itself.

The cover will be there to remind you that there is something you have started. By decorating it with a motivating quote or an inspiring artwork, every time you look at the cover it will raise your spirits and motivate you to keep going forward.

Additionally, while this might sound funny, by personalizing your sketchbook you are becoming attached to it and will keep it safe as your number one priority.

Keep It Simple – Color and Stickers

If you like to keep things simple, this idea will work perfectly for you. Use your favorite acrylic colors and paint both the front and the back side of your sketchbook with them.

Whether it is red, black, or turquoise, it is your choice, but choose something that goes along with your art style. Once you have done that, you can add some stickers to it.

Not many things look as good as stickers on a plain colored cover – use some  that you already have, or get some fancy ones from a local crafts store.

Draw On It

Woah, wait – aren’t the papers inside it meant for drawing? Yes, but why not get adventurous and make the cover the start of your artistic adventures.

By drawing something you are proud of, you will set the tone for your upcoming work. Along with that, it is a great way to remind yourself of your potential and push you to continue drawing.

Glue Copies of Your Favorite Art

As an artist, you will undoubtedly have a few pieces of your own art that are your favorites, or you have some favorite pieces from other artists that inspire you. Why not glue these to the cover of your sketchbook?

It is a great way to decorate your sketchbook, and it will once again give you a boost of motivation when it comes to your drawing inspiration. Simple and easy, yet attractive.

Use Memorable Quotes

One of the most popular ways to decorate a sketchbook cover is by using fortune cookie quotes. If you have been collecting those for some time, now it is their chance to shine. Using just a few fortune cookie quotes on the front cover of your sketchbook will make it stand out and lift your spirits. And if you want to, we recommend additionally decorating it with some glitter – bright yet simple.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Last but not least is to get creative and forget all the boundaries. Use different media on your cover and paint/draw something unique that will make your sketchbook stand out from all the rest.

Plus, it will be a great way to practice the skills you aren’t comfortable with.

​Final Thoughts

There are more than a few reasons why personalizing your sketchbook is a great idea, and if nothing else, it is a great way to have some fun.

So, open your mind, get your art media, fortune cookie quotes, and glitters ready, and make it shine.

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