How to Develop a Drawing Style

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Artists are known by the signature style exhibited through their work. Drawing is a form of art and it is a way to express one’s feeling. If an artist doesn’t have a particular drawing style, how can the audience judge to whom it belongs? Hence, it is essential for an artist to develop a drawing style.

You can’t rely on an overnight solution to master this form of art. The only way is to understand what your perception is and how you express them through your own style. In fact, personality and style come with experience. 

However, a question may arise on how an artist develops a drawing style. To get a comprehensive answer, just continue reading our step-by-step guide, which can help you develop a unique drawing style of yours. 

Steps to Follow

Here are three essential steps you need to follow in order to identify your distinctive drawing style.

Look for an art style that you can relate with 

To start with, just choose three different artists whose work binds with you emotionally. Now select three artworks, each from the artists that you have chosen. These may include three-dimensional art (sculpture), paintings or anything else. 

Nevertheless, it would be better to select at least one of the two-dimensional artworks. The artists that you have selected must have a distinctive style. The most essential aspect is to go for those artists that you admire.

Now, choose one drawing, painting or artwork that you like the most. This may be the hardest part for an artist to select one of his/her best choices, yet, it is important.  

Study the chosen image or artwork

For this purpose, you need to grab a pen and paper. Just write down what you observe. The image you have chosen must have one artistic element that makes it truly amazing. This is something which allows an artwork to stand out among the rest. 

Find that particular element, analyze it and make note of it. Then ask yourself why that specific thing grabbed your attention and how this element was used in this particular artwork. But make sure to make specific observations, as too many of them can confuse you.

It might happen that apart from the beauty of drawing or painting, you have fallen for the colors and texture used by the artist. If this is the case, you should think about the specific aspect which caught your attention. This may relate to the fact that these colors are vivid and bright or you like them just because they are muted or dull. 

On the contrary, if you feel that the combination of vivid and dull color is what you like, just analyze whether vivid colors are close to the subject matter. You may ask a number of questions to get to the right answer. 

As long as you carefully observe, things will go smoothly. It is not even necessary to use technical art terms, as you just need something to relate to when analyzing an image. The only important thing is what you like and why you like it.

By sparing some time for this exercise, you will have the courage and knowledge to analyze the form of art you like. Most importantly, you can also analyze and talk about the art that you create. Hence, the more you discuss your art, the better you will understand your drawing style.

Use all the identified artistic elements in your next drawing 

 This is an area where the creation of a masterpiece comes into action. Here, you need to combine all the artistic elements that you have selected and use them in your drawing. Make sure not to use the subject matter of the image that you have previously analyzed. 

To make things simple, try to use a subject matter that you often use in your drawings. It should be the subject matter which you love to draw. For instance, if a large number of your drawings relate to a famous comic character, use it as a subject matter for your drawing. 

This time, it will be different, as you are drawing the same image but with a totally different perspective. Moreover, it will give you a chance to develop a signature style that you have been looking for. 

After finishing the drawing, it will exhibit a completely new and unique style that neither you nor anyone else has seen in your work. However, it will still be a piece of art, which people will recognize as your own. The figure style and the anatomy proportion will remain the same. 

The reason your work would look unique relates to the choices you have made to create such a drawing. Since these choices are unique, so is your drawing. In fact, when two people like the same artist or style, their adaptation of particular artistic elements won’t be the same. As a result, the two drawings using these elements would be unique to each other.

Why Follow This Approach

The most interesting thing regarding this approach is the fact that it immediately sets you apart from the others. However, the familiarity that people find in your work would still be there to give you recognition. 

This suggests that your work is similar yet different at the same time. It isn’t different to such an extent that no one would recognize it, yet less familiar with the work that you have been doing in the past. 

People looking at your work would get some vibes about the work of other artists but they would also claim that your drawing is unique and impressive. 


The steps mentioned above would allow you to figure out your own drawing style. Individual style is the only thing that would allow you to hold a distinctive class among other artists. It will help you to sell your artwork quickly and give you the fame you deserve. 

This effective guide on the topic of drawing and style will hopefully have helped you. However, the most essential thing in this respect is the truth. Don’t make a false observation to minimize the process or make it easy. Just take your time and wait until you get the right signal. 

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