Leda Art Supply Sketchbook Review

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Leda Art Supply Sketchbook: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Perfect and durable binding 
  • Affordable price
  • Highly portable

What We Don't Like

  • Ink bleeds through the page
  • Slippery cover
  • Not suitable for pencil shadings

A Sketchbook means a lot to an artist; it’s just like a personal diary. However, the difference is about the medium of expression. A person uses words to express feelings when writing a diary, but in the case of a sketchbook, the artist expresses their feelings and memories in the form of sketches.

Hence, there is no other opinion about how important a sketchbook is for a person who loves to draw sketches. Usually, sketchbooks are known for their paper quality and elegant looks. More or less, every sketchbook offers these features. 

Here we are going to review Leda Art Supply Sketchbook. 

Leda Art Supply Sketchbook Review

Founded by a retired professor, Leda Art Supply has quickly become the premium sketchbook you can get. Artists love this product and are always looking forward to grabbing one. It is popular for its top-quality paper and durable binding.

At first glance, the Leda sketchbook looks quite different from a regular and cheap sketchbook. The cover is all about elegance with soft and luxurious leather. Apart from its appearance, the cover is practical too. It has the flexibility to absorb the impact of molds and folds. There is a cover overhang to protect the papers from dust or dampness.

You would love the feel and appearance of the PU leather textured cover. It is easy to bend the book and place it on a flat surface. It is perfect for sketching in outdoor surroundings. This book promises to protect your art from harsh elements. 

The logo on the front reminds you that you are carrying a top-notch Leda sketchbook and not an ordinary one. Overall, the exterior looks fantastic and practical, which gives you a nice feel while handling it. 

This 7x10 inch sketchbook is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. It won’t bother you just like hard-backed books of similar size. You can easily pack this sketchbook with your other stuff, as it doesn’t require much space.

The cover is water-resistant, giving desired protection to your priceless artwork. The freedom to use 160 pages is a great feature. The cream color of the paper gives a unique vintage look to the book and works well with pen, ink, light watercolor and pencil. Although the paper is soft, it isn’t too thin or thick. 

You may experience some bleeding with the Leda sketchbook when using ink pens with the large nib. It won’t be an issue if you use another pen with a small pointer. Similar is the case with markers, as their marks show on the other side, but again small tip markers won’t cause any trouble.

Unlike hard covered books, the Leda sketchbook doesn’t look bulky or feel heavy. The cover appears to be durable and is capable of bearing the abuse of years to come. In addition, the elastic band keeps all the pages together and in a uniform pattern.

It also offers an accordion back pocket, which provides you with an additional space to store your photos, loose papers or notes. The cream color makes the colors pop out completely and stay in their original shade.

Besides, this book doesn’t pose any threat to our environment. It is an archival grade sketchbook, which comes with eco-friendly cover and paper. The company claims that they don’t use acid or chlorine to make their paper. Its all-weather cover is capable of protecting your artwork during any weather. 

The sketchbook lays flat quite easily and you don’t need to press it hard in the middle. The handy elastic band is also there to hold additional pages and avoid them turning over with the wind. The pages do experience some sort of wrapping issue, but it is normal when you are carrying a sketchbook along with other luggage.

The 81-pound paper density is perfect, which is ideal for pencil, ink, and charcoal sketching. The stitched thread-bound book gives a solid feel when opening it.

Besides the above-mentioned features, the Leda supply sketchbook boasts of some other features and aspects.

  • The smoothness of the paper makes it an ideal option for pen and ink sketches
  • Handling the paper isn’t an issue 
  • The lines created with ink appear to be sharper than what you see on regular books 
  • Watercolors behave well when used in appropriate quantity
  • The pocket behind the back cover is a plus, as you can put your extra stuff in it for added safety
  • The corners are perfectly round to avoid any bending or damaging of the papers
  • An elastic band is also there to hold the pages together
  • You can also use it as a journal or travel diary
  • The pages hold well and don’t get loose even after extensive use
  • Available at affordable price 
  • Amazing binding, PU leather finish
  • 160 smooth cream-colored pages
  • Each page weighs exactly 120gsm

Final Verdict

Overall, the Leda sketchbook is of good quality and you would enjoy using it. The texture of the page is so smooth that it actually feels good when touching the paper. Apart from a sketchbook, you can also use it as a travel diary and preserve all your pleasant memories.

However, there is one thing to consider. Watercolors seep through the paper when the quantity of water is more than required. In addition, the softness of its paper won’t allow you to do pencil shadings. 

The provision of 160 pages gives you the ability to draw your sketches without any fear of getting short of supplies. The paper weighs 120gsm, which gives it an ideal thickness for all types of sketch works. The cover is soft and slippery, making it uncomfortable to draw a sketch when standing.

Since Leda is a renowned brand name, it won’t be a surprise for you to see the high-quality finish, luxurious binding, and softness of its paper. This makes it a great little sketchbook that you can use for more than one purpose. We hope this Leda Art Supply Sketchbook review has helped you in your purchasing decision.

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