Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook Review

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Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook: QUICK OVERVIEW





What I/We Like

  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Portable design

What I/We Like

  • The elastic closure isn’t durable
  • Lacks Matte finish

Usually, artists use canvas to draw their feelings, memories, and aspirations. However, it is not possible to carry the huge equipment when going on a trip. This is the area where sketchbooks come in handy. These books are lightweight, portable and small. 

However, this doesn’t suggest that you have to compromise over the quality of the paper and its performance. Indeed, the paper of these books is identical to what most artists use to create and paint their sketches.

After giving a brief introduction to the sketchbook, it’s time to share a product with you. As you have read the title, today’s review is about the Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. So without giving a further lag, let’s start discussing the product.

Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook Review

Moleskine is a renowned name in the field of sketchbooks, sketch pads, and watercolor notebooks.  The Moleskine watercolor sketchbook is the successor to the legendary sketchbooks that have been used by numerous artists for the last two centuries. 

The book uses cold-pressed watercolor paper (with 25% cotton) with amazing water absorption properties. It is highly suitable for the extensive use of watercolors, as it can easily absorb a lot of water. If you are a watercolor painting enthusiast, this sketchbook serves as a perfect choice.

The Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook is a durable and portable book, specially designed for watercolor drawing and painting. The 200-gram cold-pressed paper has a similar kind of texture and feel on both sides. 

Every product launched by Moleskine is thread bound, making it strong enough to be used in any possible manner. The cardboard bound cover protects the pages from different elements like dampness, water, dust, and strong sunlight. 

The rounded corners reduce the chances of damaging the paper when carrying it with your luggage. The paper is eco-friendly, as it is totally acid-free. The presence of a bookmark and elastic closure are some added features, which make it highly practical.

Besides, there is an expandable inner pocket, which allows you to securely place your documents like images, drawings, and notes. The paper is stitched into the black hardcover, which enhances the strength and durability of this book. It allows you to use the book without an issue, as it can lay flat.

Moleskine sketchbooks are popular for their build quality. In order to give you an insight into the short history of the Moleskine notebook, a printed leaflet is also present in the book. You can also use it as a travel diary or journal to note down all your pleasant memories.

The exterior looks outstanding and practical, which enhances its overall appearance. Opening this book is extremely easy and offers a clear page to easily use a watercolor brush. The Moleskine sketchbook is relatively different from other similar products available on the market. Its quality speaks for itself.

This 5x8 inch sketchbook is lightweight and highly portable. Its hardback cover is strong enough to be used in all weather conditions. Due to its compact size, it won’t bother you while carrying it along with your other stuff. It perfectly fits into the hand, which avoids being dropped  on the go.

It has 72 pages, which are more than enough to quench your thirst for water painting and drawing. The ivory colored paper renders it the perfect look for a sketchbook. The cover and binding are of premium quality, making it possible to use the book on a regular basis.

The 135-pound density or the paper gives the required strength, which makes it a suitable option for watercolor painting. The elastic closure and durable cover can hold your writing projects or notes. The leather looking Moleskine cover gives a classic appearance to the book. 

Although this book is for watercolor painting, you can use it for other mediums like sketching and drawing. The paper quality is so good that you can experiment with various types of colors to suit the requirements of your painting. 

Below are some of the additional features of the Moleskine Art Watercolor sketchbook, which would give a clear idea of what this sketchbook can offer.

  • Quite easy to turn over the paper 
  • Each page weighs exactly 200 grams/135 lb
  • Handling of the book is good, as it doesn’t slip out of your hand 
  • 72 ivory-colored pages
  • The thickness of the paper and the addition of cotton gives it its rigidity and absorbing qualities 
  • Also useful as a journal or travel diary
  • Watercolors look brighter and more vibrant when used on this book
  • Cold-pressed and acid-free paper 
  • The accordion pocket is one of the great features that surely serves as a useful and handy addition
  • It is a practical sketchbook with all the good things that you may think of when buying such a product
  • The rounded corners give a refined look to the book and prevent the pages from getting damaged
  • Elastic band keeps the book closed and secures your artwork from dust and smudges
  • Strong binding secures the pages well 
  • The price is affordable and justifies the quality  
  • No marks appear on the other side of the page, allowing you to use every page of this book
  • A perfect combination of appearance and practicality

Final Verdict

Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook appears to be the right option for watercolor painting. The company boasts the experience of two centuries, which suggests that they have built a strong reputation and are still carrying on with it. This sketchbook performs the purpose for which it was designed and built.

The appearance is simply impressive and doesn’t offer a cheap look. The paper quality is unbelievably good, making it a perfect choice for a wide range of artists who love watercolor painting. Even after using it for a couple of weeks or even months, you won’t find fault lines within the binding and stitching.

As far as the price is under consideration, it is quite affordable. You can’t ask more than what this product is offering. When compared to other sketchbooks, the texture and absorption of the paper give this book a clear edge. 

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