What to Draw on the First Page of Your Sketchbook

What to Draw on the First Page of Your Sketchbook
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Sketchbooks are an awesome thing to draw your ideas and thoughts in. You can later present your wonderful artwork to your friends and family members.

And to be honest, even if you are just starting to sketch or draw and you aren’t that experienced, getting a fancy sketchbook will motivate you. Luckily for you, the market is huge and basically any kind of sketchbook that you can think of is out there, waiting to be bought.

There are a few reasons why a high-quality sketchbook is important. Firstly, a denser paper will be able to tolerate all kinds of different media, so you can get more creative with your art.

On the other hand, a sketchbook with a high-quality hardcover will last you a long time and ensure that your art is kept undamaged.

So, you have got your sketchbook and it is time to start drawing in it – but how do you begin? You have so many ideas and yet something seems to hold you back. Is it the feeling that you will ruin the sketchbook?

Or maybe you think that you will not live up to your own expectations? Whatever the reason is, it is time to draw on your first page.

Any kind of start will motivate you to continue, and if it is a good one, it will just give you an extra push, and complement your potential.

With this in mind, let’s go ahead and take a look at the few ideas for first page drawings.
Start By Drawing Something In Your Comfort Zone

Start By Drawing Something In Your Comfort Zone

While your sketchbook is something you should practice flexibility in, drawing something that you are familiar with on the first page is a great way to start it off. The chances of such drawings coming out nicely are much higher, and then any time you open the sketchbook it will remind you of your potential.

Along with that, it is a great introduction to other people on what lies beyond on the next pages. Whether it is nature, portraits, or a collage of animals, make your first page something you enjoy drawing.

Trying Out Different Media

We know that this might sound weird, but using your first page to try out different media can be quite beneficial and fun. First of all, you will get to check the quality of the paper and know what you will be able to work with throughout the rest of the book.

On the other hand, using colorful markers or fancy watercolors may look pretty cool. So, why not go ahead and have some fun?

Draw Something You Are Not Satisfied With

Yes, we actually think that drawing something you are not satisfied with that is full of different mistakes (that you did on purpose) is a great way to start off your new sketchbook. Making intentional mistakes will push you to be even more aware of your art and create phenomenal artwork in the future, focusing on certain points.

While you are busy experiencing the “wrong” art, you may just find a new kind of “right” art for you.

Start Your First Page With Something You Are Thinking About

So, the landscape from Game of Thrones is something you have wanted to draw for a long time now? Or perhaps you have wanted to create your own version of Hogwarts Castle or Middle Earth?

Well, go ahead and start your sketchbook with it. It will be a great way to remind you about how much of a true fan you are, and on the other hand, you will get to test skills on drawing something that you aren't that comfortable with, thus growing your skills.

Glue Your Previous Art to the First Page

Now, we know what you are going to say – this is not a way to draw on the first page of your sketchbook. Well, it is still cool.

Find a piece of art that you are proud of and glue it onto the first page of your sketchbook – it will remind you how good of an artist you are and motivate you to fill in that sketchbook with equally as good, if not better artworks as soon as possible.

Draw Thumbnails of Upcoming Art

By drawing little thumbnails that don't have to pack full details, you will be providing a great teaser on what is to come in your sketchbook. Plus, it is a great way to motivate yourself to actually complete the sketchbook project.

​Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, a lot of people have the same problem of not knowing how to start or end a sketchbook. There is no reason to make it complicated and the only thing that matters is to relax and enjoy the process. In the end, that is what art is for right?

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